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Our Eaton Supercharger Rotor Assembly
Bearing Retention
Rebuild Method

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Our Eaton Supercharger
Rebuild Parts and Services


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Eaton Superchargers We Service
Eaton M45
Eaton M62
Eaton M90
Eaton M112
Eaton M122 3-lobe
Eaton TVS 4-lobe

Kits and Brands We Service
Toyota TRD
Ford SVT
Jackson Racing
Magnum Powers
Mazda Miata SC Kit
Honda Jackson Racing Kit
Alpine Racing Kit
Nissan Frontier
Nissan Xterra


Eaton M45 MINI Cooper S Superchargers

BMW R53 MINI Cooper S Kits
John Cooper Works MINI Cooper S
a.k.a. JCW MINI Cooper S

We Service MINI Cooper S R53 Eaton M45 Superchargers.

The M45 for the MINI Cooper S supercharger R53 are different than all the other Eaton Superchargers because they have the PTO (Water Pump Drive) that is cast into the housing. Our Complete Rebuild Service includes the MINI Cooper S Rotor Plate Assembly and PTO Plate Assembly.

Our expert MINI Cooper S Supercharger Specialist can be contacted directly by selecting this link.


Eaton M45 Gen3 Supercharger

All Eaton M45 Gen3 Kits
Honda Civic
Jackson Racing Kit
Mazda Miata
And many more...

$595 Eaton M45 Complete Rebuild Service
$165 Add for Supercharger w/ Attached Intake
$159 Optional Rotor Coating Thermal Coating
$299 Optional Internal Case Bores Thermal Coating

$399 External Case Thermal Coating
$259 Optional Exterior Case Powdered Coating


Eaton M45 Gen4/5 SuperchargersNeuspeed Eaton M45 Gen4

All Eaton M45 Gen4/5 Kits

$595 Eaton M45 Complete Rebuild Service
$165 Add for Supercharger w/ Attached Intake
$159 Optional Rotor Coating Thermal Coating
$299 Optional Internal Case Bores Thermal Coating

$399 External Case Thermal Coating
$259 Optional Exterior Case Powdered Coating

Neuspeed Kit Eaton M45 Gen4
Neuspeed Supercharger Complete Rebuild Service

And many more...

$595 Eaton M45 Complete Rebuild Service
$165 Add-on for Supercharger w/ Attached Intake
$159 Optional Rotor Coating Thermal Coating
$299 Optional Internal Case Bores Thermal Coating

$399 External Case Thermal Coating

$259 Optional Exterior Case Powdered Coating


Eaton M62 Gen3 Superchargers

All Eaton M62 Gen3 Kits
Jackson Racing Kit M62 Gen3
And many more...


Eaton M62 Gen4/5 Superchargers

All Eaton M62 Gen 4/5 Kits
Eaton Toyota TRD for V6
And many more...


Eaton M90 Gen3 Superchargers

All Eaton M90 Gen3 Kits
Eaton M90 Ford Thunderbird SC
And many more...


Eaton M90 Gen4/5 Superchargers

All Eaton M90 Gen4/5 Kits
And many more...


Eaton M112 Gen4/5 Superchargers

All Eaton M112 Gen4/5 Kits
And many more...


Eaton M122 Gen4/5 Superchargers

All Eaton M122 Gen4/5 Kits
And many more...


Eaton TVS series Superchargers

All Eaton TVS Kits
And many more...




Our Eaton Supercharger Rebuild Services come with a 1-Year Warranty







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Warranty Policy
We really warranty 100% of our supercharger service work. This is with the full knowledge that our superchargers may be used on a racecar and be flogged regularly. As the intelligent consumer we know you are, it is your responsibility to shut the engine off and/or take the belt off the supercharger at the first sign of trouble or noise. Superchargers make loud noises when they begin failing. We cannot warranty catastrophic failure due to continued abuse beyond this point. This means you will be required to provide a core that can be serviced if you destroy yours. They can often be purchased from eBay participants or car club members from the multitude of national and local clubs found on the internet. Our Warranty is not transferable. The supercharger must be put into service within 30 days of receipt to qualify for any warranty coverage. All warranty coverage is determined only by the Shop Foreman always.
Policy change effective as of January 1, 2015.

Supercharger Service Process Outline

  1. You call or email to inquire about our services.

    Estimated Cost Quote:
    Pricing found on this website is updated regularly so use this website as a guide. When you call or email us, we will provide you with an estimate based on your description of the vehicle, supercharger brand and model, taking into consideration the core condition. The best way to get an accurate estimate for your project is to call or email for details providing your supercharger technical data for us to base the pricing on. You can even get an estimated return shipping cost with packaging advice, if you need any. We are happy to help you.

    Current Estimated Turn Around Time:
    1-2 Days for an Eaton Bypass Valve Repair
    1-2 Days for an Eaton Snout Rebuild Service
    2-3 Days for an Eaton M62 Gen3 or M62 Gen4/5 Rotor Assembly Rebuild with our Rotor Coating Service using our in-stock core rotors
    4-6 Days for an Eaton M45, Eaton M62, Eaton M90 or Eaton M112 Complete Rebuild Service for a core with reusable rotor coating
    5-9 Days for an Eaton Complete Rebuild Service with optional Rotor Coating using our in stock core rotors
    1-2 Weeks for an Eaton Complete Rebuild with optional Rotor Coating using the customer provided core rotors
    2-4 Weeks for Premium Powdered Coating Services.

    We provide you with an estimate for turnaround time based on our current Shop List. Typically, 1-3 weeks should be planned for when having a Complete Rebuild Service performed, depending upon whether you choose/need Optional Services like our interference-fit Rotor Coating, Premium Powdered Coating Services or if you choose to reuse your rotor coating as-is because it is in reusable condition. Obviously, there are many factors to take into consideration when we provide you these estimates. Use this list as a guide and call when you need to get your project underway.

    *Days = Business days, Postal Holidays excluded.

  2. You ship your supercharger here for service.

    Embree Specialty Machine
    c/o Wade Embree (314) 277-7414
    112 Country Club Parc Ct
    Imperial, MO 63052


    Always ship your supercharger with A NOTE containing the following information:

    • Customer Name (Supercharger's Owner) - Required. Includes First & Last Name.
    • Shop or Company Name with Main Contact Name (If applicable. Also requires Customer Name.)
    • Main Contact Phone Number - Required. At least one. Indicate Main phone.
    • Email Address - Required. (We don't have time to spam!)
    • Return Shipping Address - Required.
    • Description of supercharger issues and a list of requested services that interest you. Required by the Shop Foreman to guide his initial supercharger inspection upon its arrival.



  3. We call you upon arrival to confirm the safe arrival of the package.

  4. The supercharger is scheduled in for disassembly. The Shop Foreman will disassemble the supercharger. We will then email a Work Order with necessary and optional services recommended by the Shop Foreman, based on his disassembly and inspection of the supercharger. This will contain itemized pricing. There can be unforeseen issues with your supercharger, such as, unusual bearings or seals, stripped out threads and more. These will be identified immediately upon discovery and a price to repair will be included. These are often Rescue & Repair Services that must be determined by the supercharger's damage and can not be anticipated. This means the Work Order will be updated to show these if they are discovered after the initial Work Order is provided and approved. These will be necessary services to return the supercharger to service.

  5. You approve the Work Order.

  6. Parts cleaning and precision parts inspection performed.

  7. If applicable, components will be prepared for outside specialists, including rotor and case coatings, impellor balancing or gear manufacturing. We can not greatly influence the timeframe outside specialists will have. A request of return date is always made but will not be guaranteed to us, so phone calls for status updates are inappropriate, if your supercharger requires these very high-end industrial services. We encourage you to buy a spare core or brand new supercharger if time is a major factor for you. That is what professional race teams do to avoid down time. We have discontinued porting services due to the high demand of Supercharger Rebuild Services. If you have found someone who will port your supercharger, we will coordinate this outside service by shipping your case to them after disassembly. The cost to ship the case to your outside specialty source is part of the balance due upon completion of final assembly. We will not ship anything overnight, ever. The porting will be the responsibility of the porter you choose and you will make payment to them directly for the porting services. The Shop Foreman will inspect the case upon return for damage and problematic porting. You can take too much out or take it out of the wrong area and make a supercharger case worthless. Please choose your Porting Service carefully. We do not offer Aluminum Welding Repair Service to correct poor porting work because the cost would be astronomical.

  8. Final Assembly will begin when all components are cleaned, fixed or replaced, and returned from outside vendors. Remember, there are other superchargers in the shop with other mechanics pressuring their owners to get the car out of the shop. Again, if timing is a major factor, enough you need overnight shipping, please buy a spare core or brand new unit. We service race teams and daily drivers who want and need their supercharger back right away, too. We are fair and reasonable about the order in which all the superchargers are serviced. If we are making or machining parts for your supercharger, it takes as long as it takes. We are a serious machine shop, with a high skill level. We will not rush because this is not in anyone's best interest.

  9. Alicia will call to make final payment and shipping arrangements once Final Assembly begins. See Payment Policy listed above. Payment, partial or in full, may be required prior to Final Assembly when the supercharger services you approved include the purchase of outside specialty services or stock, including Titanium and other exotic materials. Shipping arrangements are made to help us understand what you would like to happen. We reserve the right to change courier service and other details if it is what's possible at the time and we believe it is in everyone's best interest. We quote shipping online and it does change in real life shipping sometimes. We do not charge out additional expenses after shipments normally, in the same way, will not refund subtle differences from the online quote. Shipping is not marked up from the online quote. The package will usually be boxed the day it is finished but may not make the closing time for courier pickup. It usually ships the day after it is boxed. We will not rush final assembly or packaging to make today's final pickup time. This is not in your best interest because if the supercharger does not work right when you install it or it gets damaged in shipping, we will all spend extra time and money getting you back on the road or racetrack. It also is unfair to all our other customers.

  10. Once the package is shipped, you will receive the tracking number, via email. This email will usually be sent immediately following the drop off. If you do not receive one, please email us a request because we keep them in your file at the shop. Your emails will always be returned at our earliest opportunity.

  11. General Information:

    IMPORTANT: Supercharger Snout Pulley:
    Always include the pulley you want installed on the supercharger upon its return. If you need or want a new pulley, we offer various pulley choices including custom Aluminum Anodized Pulleys made to replace your pulley. We will install the pulley intended for the supercharger service after the rebuild service. Using an impact on an installed snout will cause the rotors to go out of time and voids our warranty. This is true of all superchargers with paired rotors, such as, Eaton Roots-type and all Screw-type. Occasionally, we can supply an OEM pulley, if one is available from our used core salvage stock. Don't count on this. Provide the pulley or quick-change pulley hub you intend to use. If it is coming in a separate shipment from the supercharger, send an email with either the tracking number or the source of the package. This will help identify your pulley from others.

    IMPORTANT: Bypass Valve Assembly:
    Remove the Bypass valve assembly before shipping the supercharger. It is likely to get damaged in shipping and there is no advantage to including it. Send it if it is broken already, we may be able to repair or replace it for you.

    Tracking Numbers:
    We will email a tracking number for your supercharger's return shipment after the label is prepared or after it ships depending upon service. or

    You can request your tracking number 24/7 by emailing Alicia at:

    Allow 24 hours for our staff to track your package and respond by phone or email.

    If you suspect your package is late/missing check to see if you have already been provided the tracking number before you call. We provide it when it was shipped because we wanted you to be able to track it yourself without having to ask.

    If your package was scheduled to ship several weeks ago, it may be appropriate to call so that we can assist you. Call Alicia Embree for all package tracking. (314) 277-8495

    Domestic Customer Payment Policy:
    We can take credit/debit card payment by phone or PayPal email invoice payment. After you approve the Work Order, a Payment Invoice will be sent to your email listed here. You can make payment using either your Paypal Account or major credit/debit card suchas, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express with the links in the email. This payment method is easy to use and offers several payment-type choices. Call Alicia Embree if you need assistance using this payment invoice. She can be reached at (314) 277-8495 and has voicemail, if unavailable. Leave a message so that she can assist you personally, as soon as possible.

    Paypal address:

    Although we prefer you pay with the Payment Invoice system, we realize there are other methods of payment that may suit your needs better. Here is a brief statement of our company payment method policies related to alternative types. We will not accept a business check or personal check. We will accept a money order which must clear before the supercharger will be released for return shipment or pick up by the customer. Collect on Delivery (COD) through the United States Postal Service is available for an additional fee. You pay the Post Master. They pay us. We will accept cash. A record of every transaction is maintained for the warranty coverage. Our Work Order is the service warranty receipt and should be kept with the supercharger's records and receipts. We reserve the right to refuse any method of payment that is suspect or does not comply with our company payment method policies.

    ***International Customer Payment Policy***

    All International customers can make payment in the following way:
    Customer can make payment by using a PayPal account with a CONFIRMED return shipping address. We will abide by PayPal's recommendations to expect confirmation of the shipping address prior to shipping to it. Unconfirmed shipping addresses will not be shipped to unless accompanied by an emailed scan of customer's photo ID that directly associates the shipping address with the customer's name. Accepted forms of photo identification are customer's passport or some other official government photo identification, including a military ID or driver's license. We will refuse any payment form that is suspected of attempted fraud. Please do not ask us to show any value other than the insured value. Changes to our international payment policy are due to the inappropriate actions of a single customer. We regret the added burden it may place on you. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time, with or without notice of change.

Recent Important Changes Regarding Availability of Rear Rotor Needle Bearings 17 MM Hole-through and Cup-type

Hole through needle bearings for Eaton Superchargers Cup type needle bearings for Eaton superchargers.

For Eaton Superchargers with Cup-type rotor needle bearings Including models such as:

Eaton M45 Gen3
Eaton M62 Gen3
Jackson Racing
TRD Toyota Racing Division

$ 0.00 Replace 2 Cup-type Needle Bearings*

For Eaton Superchargers with Rear Rotor Hole-through Needle Bearings Including models such as:

Eaton TVS Cadillac, Corvette, Camaro
Eaton M112 Ford Mustang Cobra, Ford F150 Lightning, Jaguar
Eaton M90
Eaton M62 Nissan Frontier and Nissan Xterra
Eaton M45 MINI Cooper S

$ 0.00 Grease both Bearings*


$50.00 Replace 1 Hole-through Needle Bearing*


$95.00 Replace 2, both Hole-through Needle Bearings*

* This amount will be added to the advertised complete supercharger rebuild service price when this choice is selected or required due to condition of the supercharger.

Recently, the rear rotor needle bearings that Eaton superchargers use have become difficult to buy due to certain business practices by large international corporations.  However, regardless of their best efforts we have found resources for both the hole-through and cup-type needle bearings needed to service the Eaton superchargers. 

 As promised, we are lowering our price on the superchargers that use cup-type needle bearings back to no additional cost over the complete rebuild service cost.   We are returning our prices to normal for the superchargers using cup-type needle bearings because we have a resource for these that is comparably priced to what it was before the international market control tactics targeted these specific components.

The cost on the hole-through type needle bearings has gone up enough that the Eaton supercharger rebuild service price is affected by this change in availability.  We have shopped around and found a  resource for the hole-through type needle bearings however the price is still higher than a year ago.   We are limiting the added cost to $25 per bearing replaced.  For no additional cost to supercharger complete rebuild service, we will repack the grease in your reusable needle bearings unless it is necessary or requested by you to replace 1 or both of the hole-through needle bearings.  We are continuing to seek a better price so that the impact of these business tactics is minimal to you, the consumer and shops who service vehicles with Eaton Superchargers.

Until further notice, these choices will be available to all Eaton customers based on the model being serviced and the type of needle bearings it uses.  These costs will be added to the advertised supercharger rebuild costs, as needed if Shop Foreman deems replacement necessary or if requested by customer.  If these cost increases become permanent, the prices on the price lists will be updated.  We are still hoping to wait out this business approach, and delete this additional cost eventually.  This is not the first time this tactic has been used in this marketplace.  In the past, after some time, the price and availability returned to the more long-term average pricing the market is used to.

We Appreciate Your Business!

Thank You

Embree Specialty Machine
Supercharger Services and Products
New Services added often. Contact Us if you don't see what you need.


We Service Screw-type Superchargers.

Some of the Screw-type Supercharger Brands
We Service

Saleen Series VI Supercharger
2006 Ford Mustang
4.6L 3V

Kenne Bell

All of our Screw-type Supercharger Rebuild Services come with a 6-Month Warranty.


we service

We Service Centrifugal Superchargers.

Some of the Centrifugal Supercharger Brands
We Service

Ford SVT
Toyota Scion TC

All of our Centrifugal Supercharger Rebuild Services come with a 6-Month Warranty.


Our Precision Thermal Barrier
Coating Services

Precision Rotor Coating Service
Neuspeed Eaton M45 Gen4

Internal Rotor Bore Thermal Coating Service

External Housing Case Thermal Coating

Inlet Internal/External Thermal Coating

Outlet Internal/External Thermal Coating

Our Interference-Fit Rotor Coating Services

External Housing Thermal Barrier Coating Service
Rotor Assembly Rebuild Services
Complete Rebuild Kits
Complete Supercharger Rebuild Services

Neuspeed Eaton M45 Gen4

Click on the link above for more pictures of this Neuspeed Kit Eaton M45 Gen4 with optional add-on Rotor Coating Service.

Neuspeed Supercharger Complete Rebuild Service

This is a great add-on option that replaces rotor coating that is damaged, flaking or missing.

The price of this optional service varies by application. It is a $159.00 optional add-on to our complete rebuild service as shown on this Eaton M45 Gen4 supercharger.

Our Interference-Fit Rotor Coating formula was developed by Our Shop Foreman over the last two Decades through years of experience and diligent customer follow up communications. He worked with our chemists to modify our thermal coating to achieve the formula that would provide the perfect combination of durability in a harsh chemical environment (similar to Piston Skirt coating) and performance enhancement from the precision rotor coating tolerances we hold. This formula will perform very well in operating environments where water or methanol injection is used because it was designed for the harshest environments. The application of our formula is precision and to make sure the rotor coating is evenly applied, our rotor coating is quality control checked for evenness of application within a thickness tolerance of 0.001".

We use the same formula to repair or insulate the supercharger housing internal bores where the rotors may have scarred the bores or to combat high heat sink concerns. Ask about our Thermal Barrier Coating for the Internal Bores Premium Add-on Optional Service for more details including turnaround time and pricing.

Supercharger Rotor Coating Service
Option Add-On Price List

$159 Eaton M45 Gen3

$159 Eaton M45 Gen4/5
Neuspeed Eaton M45 Gen4Neuspeed Eaton M45 Gen4

$189 Eaton M45 MINI Cooper S

$189 Eaton M62 Gen3Neuspeed Eaton M45 Gen4Neuspeed Eaton M45 Gen4

$189 Eaton M62 Gen4/5

$199 Eaton M90
$199 Eaton M112
$249 Eaton M122

$249 Eaton TVS
Eaton TVS SuperchargerEaton TVS Supercharger


Rotor Assembly with Coated Rotors
For Sale or Core Exchange

Neuspeed Eaton M45 Gen4

Click on the link above for more pictures of this Eaton M62 Gen3 Rotor Assembly with Coated Rotors. This can be purchased with a core exchange or outright, or as part of a Complete Rebuild Service.






We offer complete supercharger rebuild services for all Eaton Roots-type superchargers, as well as, most Screw-type superchargers and Centrifugal Superchargers. We can completely rebuild your blower and repair or replace most damaged components. Damaged Centrifugal impeller repair and balancing services are offered.

Call or Email Us TODAY because our Technical Support is Courteous and Insightful and the Quality of our Work is Supreme and Precision.

Not sure what you need. Ask for details...
Always include a note in the box with your contact information, including your full name, phone numbers, email address, return shipping address. Include as much information as you can to help us identify your supercharger from the rest of the SC's coming and going. Also, include key details that could help diagnose your issues.

Paypal Acceptance Mark We accept MasterCard Credit and Debit Cards We accept Visa Credit and Debit Cards We are pony10r on Ebay. Please shop with confidence. Check out our 100% Ebay rating.


Our Premium Powdered
Coating Services

Supercharger Exterior Housing Coating Services

Inlet Plenum and Outlet Plenum Coating Services

Long Tube Headers and Short Tube Headers Coating Services

We Service Roots-type Superchargers.CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICTURES

Click on the link above for more pictures of this Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Eaton TVS Supercharger.

The exterior housing case powdered coating service is a Premium Supercharger Complete Rebuild Service Add-on Option, shown here in Bright Red on a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 TVS Supercharger. Our color powdered coating service is available in a huge selection of colors to make it easy for you to pick a color that will match your color scheme.

Some colors available include:

This is a great add-on option when it is time to have your supercharger rebuilt because the supercharger will need a complete rebuild service to have this exterior coating service performed. All the bearings and seals have to be removed prior to the baking process. The bearings and seals will all be replaced after the powdered coating service is performed.

The price of this optional service varies by application. It is a $595.00 optional add-on to our complete rebuild service as shown on this Eaton TVS supercharger.

Exterior Supercharger Housing Coating Service
Option Add-On Price List

$259 Eaton M45 Jackson Racing Kit

$259 Eaton M62 Jackson Racing Kit

$399 Eaton Toyota TRD for V6

$499 Eaton Toyota TRD for V8

$595 Eaton TVS1320 / TVS1900 / TVS2300

$595 Eaton on Chevy Corvette Z06 Lingenfelter Kit

$595 Eaton 2005-Later Saleen Ford Mustang Kit

$595 Eaton 2012-2014 Chevy Camaro ZL1

$595 Eaton 2009-2014 Cadillac CTS-V

Yes, we can also powdered coat your other engine and intake components to match your supercharger housing.


Customer Testimonials

Business Hours
States of America
Central Standard Time Zone
10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m
Monday - Saturday
Closed on Sundays & All American Postal and National Holidays

Wade Embree (314) 277-7414

Alicia Embree (314) 277-8495

Preferred Local Shop for Supercharger R&R and Drop Off Service:



T he High Speed Lab
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Embree Specialty Machine
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112 Country Club Parc Ct
Imperial, Missouri MO 63052